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Joseph Michael Todorovitch was born in San Gabriel, California in 1978. This young artist was inspired as a child by his grandmother, and has enjoyed the creative process as long as he can remember. Realizing art is life, he aggressively began to study drawing as a high school student, and then attended Cal State University Fullerton where he received his bachelor degree in fine art. During this time Joseph also studied at various southern California art schools and developed a great respect for sound draftsmanship and traditional painting. As he studied art history, he was greatly inspired by the painters of the 19th and 20th centuries. Also drawn to the work of contemporary masters, Joseph has continued to be heavily influenced by their naturalistic style. Determined to record his experiences through highly representational art, he enrolled at the California Art Institute. It was here that he would begin to refine his opinions about painting and develop sensitivity to his particular taste. Compelled to paint the human figure, Joseph's work reflects his perceptions of people and their environment, attempting to show the viewer excerpts of the lives of his subjects, moments in time that describe subtle emotional states and beautiful lighting. A student of the California Art Institute, Joseph has recently been invited to become an instructor at the school. Additionally, he has won several first place awards at multiple juried exhibitions, and has been a featured museum artist. Joseph is represented exclusively by Wendt Gallery in Laguna Beach, California. An Interview with Joseph Todorovitch Explain to us the type of art you do? I am a painter. I guess the work can be described as highly representational figurative painting. I'm concerned with classical fine drawing ability and natural looking depictions of people in our lives today. What is your favorite time to be creative? It varies, depending on whats happening with the proccess and what stage the painting is in. Generally, mid-day and into the night. I'm constantly immersed in the proccess of working on art; even away from the easal. I don't work on multiple paintings at the same. Each piece gets my full attention until it has come to fruition. How has the Arts Colony made you a better artist? The arts colony has contributed to my work by providing a venue for wonderfull people who enjoy the creative process and have sense of a creative community. I have painted many fascintating people whom I've met here. Do you have any shows coming up? I am currently working on a one man show in June at the Wendt Gallery in Laguna Beach with whom I'm exclusively represented by. Do you collect other artists work and whose? I do try to collect other artist's work but I find that my favorites are out of my price range at this time and are far too numerous to be realistic. I would enjoy mostly to collect old french academy drawings and marble sculptures from the turn of the century to name a few. How is life in the Arts Colony? Life in the Arts Colony is good. How can anyone complain with the state of other countries in the world. I'm extremely thankfull. Favorite place to hang out and or eat in Metro Pomona? Favorite place to eat is home when I'm able to find time to cook a full course meal and have some one special to share it with. Can't pick a favorite dish. Food is like color; we need a beautiful variety to satisfy our needs. My favorite place to hang out is with good company and music. The background should vary. What is your favorite and least favorite downtown noise & smell? My favorite noise is probably the train. When your half asleep in the morning it resembles an orchestra tuning up before a recitle. My least favorite I guess is the emergency vehicles. They signify peril. Favorite smell is my studio when its emaculate. Least favorite is the garbage dumpster. What tips can you give other artists who are thinking about moving to the Arts Colony? If other artist are thinking about moving here, I would encourage them to. The area needs free thinkers who are serious about their craft.

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